FLUX Medium efficiency filter replacement Beam Air

This is the replacement for your Medium efficiency filter for your Beam Air

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Medium efficiency filter replacement

This is the replacement Medium efficiency filter for your Beam Air.

They need to be replaced every 50-150 hours.

Don't forget to replace the other filters in time:

Remove the filters

Just open the top cover of the filter and remove the box from the inside. Then take out the Pre-filter and pull on the lids on each side of the Medium efficiency filter, put this aside and repeat the same steps with the charcoal filter. The box that's left is the H13 HEPA filter.

Replace what is necessary.


Reinsert the filters in this order: From left to right

  1. Bottom
  2. H13 HEPA filter
  3. Charcoal filter
  4. Medium efficiency filter
  5. Pre-filter
  6. Lid 

Close the lid an your are ready to creating more awesome creations!