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Rosa Moran - Simply Living Mini Designs

Rosa Moran - Simply Living Mini Designs

The little girl in us still dreams of a magical doll house to play in. Rosa Moran of Simply Living Mini Designs shows us just how to reach that dream with these intricate doll houses she builds with her HEXA.

Rosa Moran creates the most perfect miniatures with the help of her FLUX HEXA laser machine. Because of the precision of our laser machine, and its incredible 73x41cm work field, Rosa is able to create perfect 1:24 scale mini houses. She sells them as DIY boxes as well as creating the most intricate models you've ever seen.

And you can follow her journey on social media! Rosa shares the process of creating and provides guidance on where to find the cutest miniature furniture. How adorable are her creations? Follow the links below if you want to see more! 

Check out her social media: