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FLUX 60 W HEXA & Rotary Add-on: A Game Changer for Small Business

FLUX 60 W HEXA & Rotary Add-on: A Game Changer for Small Business

Here comes a game changer for creators with laser design customized businesses. Buckle up and get ready to add a new dimension to your laser cutting and engraving projects with the FLUX 60 W HEXA laser cutter & Rotary Add-on! Before we head in to introduce the incredible function of the rotary, here’s a quick guide to 60W HEXA laser cutter and engraver for you.

In 2022, FLUX introduced the 60W HEXA laser cutter and engraver, representing a significant milestone in our laser technology journey. It boasts the most substantial upgrade ever seen in the previous FLUX laser cutter, delivering exceptional performance.

With a focus on mass production, FLUX HEXA is 33% larger than Beambox Pro and the engraving speed can reach 900 mm/s, which will definitely bring our users to the next level of creation. Moreover, the FLUX HEXA laser cutter features a 60W CO2 laser tube, which makes it possible to cut through a wide variety of materials, including wood, acrylic, leather, fabric, and more.

Let your laser designs go cylindrical

Are you tired of only being able to engrave flat objects with your laser cutter? Keep reading, you’re definitely on the right track. If you’re looking for a way to give your favorite mug a personalized touch or even turn a regular wine glass into a work of art, the HEXA  rotary add-on is the answer to your laser engraving dreams.

HEXA rotary add-on specifications

  • Object Height: 0.39 – 2.95 in
  • Object Weight: 5 lbs
  • Maximum Object Length: 23.62 in (depends on the center of mass)

With these specifications above, the HEXA rotary add-on offers a wide range of possibilities for laser engraving on cylindrical objects. You can work with objects of different heights and weights, and even longer objects up to 60cm in length (depending on the center of mass). This makes the HEXA rotary add-on a versatile and powerful tool for creators to take their laser engraving game to the next level.

HEXA Rotary Installation Quick Guide

Before you can start creating custom designs on cylindrical objects, you’ll need to install the HEXA Rotary Add-on. Luckily, installation is quick and easy and can be done in just a few simple steps. Follow those steps with us and start rolling your creativities!

Applications of the HEXA Rotary Add-On

HEXA Rotary Add-on is a powerful tool that opens up a world of possibilities for laser engraving and cutting on cylindrical objects. Here are just a few of the many applications where the HEXA Rotary Add-on can be used:

Customized Drinkware: Create custom designs on mugs, glasses, bottles, and more. Whether you’re creating gifts for friends and family or designing promotional items for your business, the HEXA Rotary Add-on can help you achieve exquisite results.

Kitchen Tool: The most exciting application of the HEXA Rotary Add-on should be customized kitchen tools. With the rotary add-on, you can easily add custom designs, logos, or text to cylindrical kitchen tools. Whether you’re creating a set of personalized tools for yourself or designing promotional items for your food-related business, the possibilities are endless.

The FLUX 60 W HEXA laser cutter and engraver is a powerful tool that can greatly enhance your laser design capabilities. With the addition of the rotary add-on, HEXA’s application becomes even more versatile and allows you to work with a wider range of materials.