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Dimanche - Laser Engraved Notebooks

Dimanche - Laser Engraved Notebooks

Notebooks, diaries, or stationaries, in all of the Dimanche products, you can see the creative design for someone who loves hand-drawn art. Using their beamo, they created a unique notebook line with laser cut covers.

The word Dimanche translates to Sunday in French. Although the brand name is French oriented, Dimanche is an original Taiwanese designer brand.

Notebooks, diaries or stationeries, in all of the Dimanche products you can feel that the design is created by and for someone who loves hand-drawn art. Using Dimanche’s products is making every day as relaxed as if it was Sunday.

In 2020, FLUX worked with Dimanche and published a unique notebook line with laser cutted covers. 

Dimanche specially designed a unique cover for this campaign where they used FLUX Beamo laser cutter to engrave the covers. Besides this collection, Dimanche also offers customized services. There customers can give their own custom text which can be laser engraved onto the cover of the diaries or notebooks. 


Convert Your Illustrations to Laser Engraving Art

Using the built-in HD camera alignment function, beamo can directly scan the hand-writings or illustrations, and convert them into digital files. Want to engrave the hand-painted snowman onto your diary? With beamo, it takes you only one minute to finish this.