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Black Beard Projects

Black Beard Projects

Focussing on DIY projects, Black Beard Projects designs medieval tools using a diverse range of techniques. With his Beambox, he creates detailed work on a variety of knives, axes and more!

Black Beard Projects is an Italian YouTuber who started six years ago. He works full time on his YouTube channel where posts all kinds of DIY projects. Showing all sorts of making fields, lately his focus has been on metal working. More specifically: knifemaking, bladesmithing and metal casting with the occasional machinery restoration to keep expanding his workshop capabilities.

Since Gader was a child, he's always made stuff and tinkered as a hobby. In his mid twenties he decided to start his online business, "Black Beard Projects''. For him this is the best job he’d ever dream of having. 

“And with lots of luck and almost 300 video projects published I am happy to say it really is a fun and fulfilling job!” said Gader.

He uses his FLUX Beambox to trace templates, quickly prototype shapes and cut materials for his many projects. 

“It really is the best for restoration too as the camera makes it easy to replicate gaskets like I did for my Bridgeport restoration.”

“I choose FLUX for the solid and sleek constructions and premium materials, but have been also super impressed by the quick setup process and ease of use with the dedicated and wireless software!” Gader said.